FOX II is a gaffed rigged ketch that was built in Auckland, New Zealand in 1922 by WA Elley.

50 feet
12 feet
5 feet

She was originally built as a sailing cargo carrier with a single mast, a 9 foot bowsprit and a steel centre-board.   Originally named Iris Eileen after the builder’s daughter,
only the best kauri was used in her construction. The knees being formed from pohutakawa and all fastenings made of copper.

The Iris Eileen was later sold to the Fox Fishing Company, and became the second boat for the company fleet.  She was renamed FOX II.  A steam engine was installed, masts were removed, and a wheelhouse and bulwarks built.  In 1936 a Kelvin K3 diesel engine was fitted.

She was then used as a fishing boat until the 1970s when she was bought by Mr Ian Forsythe.  He replaced the masts, added a new wheelhouse and cabin, refastened the hull and generally brought her up to her present configuration.

In 1995 she was purchased by Coastline Adventure Ltd, who overhauled her, and had the vessel surveyed to the rigorous Maritime Safety Authority standards, certified to carry 30 passengers.  Since then, FOX II has carried thousands of people around the waters of Banks Peninsula. Every year she is used as the boat to teach basic sailing to 1500-2000 school children through the Cansail Trust. She was most recently purchased by Fox II Sailing Adventures, Ltd. and continues to sail both Lyttelton and Akaroa Harbours.

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